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Based at Glenview Community Church, Troop & Crew 156 has served its community for more than 50 years. As one of the largest and most active Boy Scout units in Northeast Illinois, T-156 has a proud tradition of excellence. In the past five years the Troop has produced 20 Eagle Scouts.

This is a "boy led" Troop with emphasis on developing leadership ability and other other important life skills and values. The patrol method is an important part of the program and outdoor adventures, service projects and special events are scheduled year-round. It's not uncommon to have as many as three different activities the boys can choose from each month. Troop 156 is also proud of it's diverse culture with many different races and religions represented.

In addition to the traditional Boy Scout Troop, there is also a Venturing Crew for high school age men and women. Many of the "V-crew's" activities involve high adventure skills such as rock climbing or wilderness camping.

Currently Mr. Paul Bauerschmidt serves as Scoutmaster, supported by a team of 35 trained adult volunteers serving as Committee Members and Assistant Scoutmasters. Mr. Mark Demsky is the unit's Committee Chair.


Upcoming Important Dates

Posted on Sep 19 2018 - 8:58am
  • Monday, October 1 - Troop Committee Meeting
  • Thursday, October 4 - Court of Honor
  • Saturday, October 13 - Scoutmaster Breakfast
  • Saturday, October 13 - Northwestern University Football Game & Flag Service
  • Friday - Sunday, October 19-21 - Cardboard Commando Campout

Outdoor Activities Update

Posted on Sep 19 2018 - 8:57am
Hey Ho Scouts (and parents, too).

I hope that you are looking forward to the Northwestern football game on November 13th.  Not only do we get to participate in the flag presentation ceremony before the game, but we get to watch a Northwestern team that is on a roll.  Sure, they lost their last two games, but those games were against non-conference opponents.  The team is 1-0 in Big Ten play after beating Purdue in Week 1.  And, here is the good news, their October 13th match-up is against a conference opponent – Nebraska.  Which, by the way, lost to Troy last weekend.  Chances are that Northwestern and Nebraska will be evenly matched.  I will let you draw your own conclusions.  Just be sure to get your registration form in.



Now, I know that all Scouts look forward to reading this missive on a weekly basis – and do so without fail.  Also, I have heard that a parent stumbles across these paragraphs every now and again, so I want to take a minute to write about Youth Protection Training.

Troop 156 asks that all adults participating in Troop overnight activities complete the training.  Yes, it is a requirement, but I would like to stress the positive impact of the training.  It provides information that we as parents, not just leaders, can use to impact positively the lives of the youth with whom we interact.


There is a meaningful time commitment to complete the training – about 60 minutes – and, overall, it is a depressing topic.  But, I consider it to have been 60 minutes well spent on a topic that most definitely needs to be addressed.


For that reason, whether you plan to camp with the Troop or not, I would like to encourage you to log onto my.Scouting.org, register for an account and complete the Youth Projection Training.



Q: Why did Joe Beagle sit on the campfire?
A: He wanted to be a hot dog.


Autumn: (1) The season after Summer and before Winter. (2) The season during which leaves change colors and fall to the ground in temperate climes – better known to grandparents as “leaf-peeping season." (3) A season so short that it is easy to miss.  As in: The Life Scout enjoyed wearing his uniform shorts during the summer, but resolved to transition to long pants once Autumn arrived.  He stood shivering in his shorts in the depths of Winter because he had missed the Autumn changeover point completely. [Editor’s note: I am giving Life Scouts (and a certain Assistant Scoutmaster) the benefit of the doubt that, given good seasonal cues, they will transition out of their summer uniforms.]

Mr. Warnsman

(812) 639-3954

Nuclear Science Merit Badge

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 10:27pm

The American Nuclear Society UW - Madison is once again offering its Nuclear Science Merit Badge Workshops this fall. Available dates are November 17 and December 8. These are all-day events and require that parent drivers/chaperones travel to Madison, WI for the day, but it is a great experience and so worthwhile. Each Scout will be required to complete homework prior to attending the workshop to fulfill the Merit Badge requirements and scouts must be in 6th grade or higher to attend. There is also a $15 fee to attend.

Please contact Mrs. Adams at jenlpadams@comcast.net ASAP if you are interested in attending and indicate which date(s) you are available to attend and whether or not your parent(s) can drive or chaperone.

Court of Honor October 4 - Schedule SM Conferences and Boards of Review Now

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 10:01am

Scouts who are hoping to achieve rank advancement in time for the upcoming Court of Honor on October 4th must arrange a Scoutmaster Conference with Mr. Bauerschmidt either tomorrow night or at the Troop meeting on September 20th. Once they have completed their Scoutmaster Conference, they must contact Mrs. Dickinson to schedule a Board of Review. The last night for Boards of Review is September 27th.

Scouts should look through all of their rank or merit badge requirements and get sign-offs on everything that has been completed, and turn in any blue cards to Mr. Olson.

Alexa Dickinson can be reached at jcdawd@gmail.com or 847-691-6690.

Troop Popcorn Sale Continues

Posted on Sep 11 2018 - 12:02pm

Selling popcorn is one of the Troop's 3 main fundraisers each year (Greens, Pancake Breakfast are the other two). Proceeds from these sales are used to fund campouts, advancements, and other Troop programming. In addition, Scouts who meet a minimum sales quota receive a portion of the profits after that for their own Scout account, which can be used towards campouts, leadership training, high adventure outings, and Summer Camp. Pick up a sales form from Bob Blackwell at the next meeting!

Any questions? Contact our new Popcorn Kernel, Bob Blackwell at 847-686-1982 or RBlackwell42@outlook.com.

Outdoor Activities Update

Posted on Sep 11 2018 - 12:01pm

Hey Ho Scouts (and parents, too).

I don’t know about you, but my psyche is still recovering from some of the, shall we say, “dampness” at a couple of our campouts last Spring.  Remember Lake Glenview East at Indiana Dunes or how about the soaking we took on the Beach Campout?  Now, I would be foolish to suggest that it is not going to rain during our Fall campouts, but chances are good that it will be dry and crisp – perfect sleeping weather with a nice warm sleeping bag.  I do hope that you take advantage of these opportunities.  Without exception, campouts are great, but Fall campouts can be special.



What do you think, should there be an architectural award for the best cardboard domicile on the Triple-C (that would be Cardboard Commando Campout)?  In this case, what constitutes “best”?  Tallest, most robust, most creative, least amount of material?  Don’t forget, the Triple-C is coming up October 19th-21st.  It is not too soon to start jotting down some ideas.


Do you have troop gear at home?  Perhaps a ladle or even a tent?  We are fortunate in Troop 156 to have a plethora (how’s that for an SAT word) of gear.  And, we make good use of it.  Of course, if it is sitting in your garage or basement, it is not doing anyone any good.  Please make that extra effort to bring any troop equipment that you may have “accumulated” to the next troop meeting and turn it in to the Quartermaster.


Q: What did the deer say when he saw the Scoutmaster coming over the hill wearing sunglasses?
A: Nothing.  He didn’t recognize him.


Stick: (1) Small-diameter tree branch. (2) When dry, good fuel to use in the intermediate stage of starting a fire. (3) An easy Cub Scout identifier.  As in: The Boy Scout was tempted to join the Cub Scouts in their stick sword fight, but concluded that he had out-grown such youthful games.  [Plus, he avoided the leader’s admonition to the Cub Scouts to put down the sticks.]

Mr. Warnsman

(812) 639-3954

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